Funeral Ceremony

for the unchurched, non-denominational, agnostics and atheists

Dear family and friends

You have lost someone close to you and you are responsible for their funeral and burial. Or are you interested in planning your own funeral service while the person is still alive?

I have been organising non-denominational and non-religious funerals and memorial services throughout Switzerland since 2004. I am supported by a small team who share my rational and humanistic approach. The wheel has not been reinvented for these secular ceremonies. At first glance, they resemble the familiar church rituals. At second glance, however, you will see that they differ in their non-religious content, the free choice of location and the greater opportunity to incorporate your own ideas. Depending on the type of funeral desired (burial in the ground, urn burial, burial at sea or river, natural burial), there are various options for organising the funeral. I and my team will advise and assist you.

  • Baumbestattung im Friedwald durch CEREMONIE GRICHTING
  • Flussbestattung, Seebestattung durch CEREMONIE GRICHTING
  • Musikbegleitung bei einer Abschiedsfeier von CEREMONIE GRICHTING
  • Abschiedsfeier im Krematorium
  • Abdankungsfeier in der Friedhofskapelle
  • Abdankungsredner Christian D. Grichting

"Memory is a window through which I can have a look at any time."

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time.
Christian D. Grichting

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